Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ello: The Exodus That Facebook Cannot Ignore

Yes, "exodus" is the right word here. If Facebook is the Pharoah's Egypt then Ello is the new promised land. And what exactly is being promised there? Anonymity, no ads, no commoditisation and many others claims Facebook cannot make anymore.

Ello, a social networking site that started last year, is gaining momentum. The nitro-boost it needed came in the form of Facebook's rigid "real name only" stance. San Francisco, which has a large LGBTIQ community, did not welcome this move. Many drag queens and trans people took offense to the fact that their Facebook accounts were blocked because they were not using their legal names — something many people in the LGBTIQ community avoid, either for fear of being outed or because most of them do not identify with the gender and the name they were assigned at birth.

Ello, on the other hand, was started by seven programmers and artists, who collectively believe that Facebook is not a social network anymore. It is more of a marketplace where the members are the products whose data is sold to the actual customers, the advertisers.

Right now, the word is that there is a buzz around Ello even though the site is still in beta phase and membership is by invitation only. That's the thing about the digital world, isn't it? All you need is a buzz and your idea is suddenly big. Not downplaying the attributes of Ello here, but after a certain point, you do get wary of the term "buzz."

Google+ had buzz, so did or Path. However, none of them actually managed to shove Facebook from the top position. The truth is, Ello offers things that most social networks are already offering. It's charm lies is how it protects its members — from advertisers, analytics and even Internet bullying: Ello has a zero tolerance policy against hate speech, especially one directed against people of the LGBTIQ community. But does all of this really threaten Facebook from being the most popular social network? Not really.

Facebook runs on ad revenue and there are way too many people in this world who still have not figured out how their data is being used by advertisers. There's also a group who are quite happy to be targets of advertisers. So, does this mean Facebook shouldn't care about Ello? Err... it would be unwise on Facebook's part to do so.

Ello is just one site. The bigger question is: Who exactly are these social networks serving? Anonymity is a huge part being online. This is why Reddit works. Even data security is turning out to be a huge issue. There's a reason email clients like Protonmail exist. Facebook must understand this if it wants to survive the next 10 years. Ello might not be a threat right now, but 10 other similar sites that can fulfil the anonymity void that Facebook has created, might do the trick.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

It Is Not Your Mama's QA ... :) - QA Testing

QA testing services
Wow, what a whirlwind! Functional testing, services testing, Cloud testing, SOX compliancy, hiring. Processes, a metrics program, contracts.

It's not so much what to do, it's where to start. So I thought I'd start at the beginning.

One of the biggest problems any new QA/QC manager has is the existing staff's preconceptions of "what testing should be" and "how testing should work". They base that on what they've experienced in past companies.

The problem with that is often "QA" at those former companies was (ahem) somewhat less than what it could have been. Perhaps the testing staff weren't especially valued, and their sole contribution came at the end of the project where the problems they found inevitably led to project delays, or a product with problems in production due to lack of time to fix those problems. Sometimes they didn't test a certain type of application at all. Often they were ignored throughout the entire project cycle. Or never got the information or interaction they require to do their jobs well.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Bitcoin: Can Anyone Hack It? Its More Secure Than People Think

One of the main issues holding back the popularity of Bitcoin right now is security. Bitcoin security is a tricky subject, and it's not something that can be described in a three to five minute news segment on CNBC or Bloomberg. While there have been plenty of stories of bitcoins being stolen by bad actors over the past few years, it's important to realize that there is a difference between Bitcoin and bitcoins. Bitcoin, with a capital "B", is the name of the protocol and payment system, while bitcoins are the currency used on that network. By differentiating between the two, it becomes easier to understand the truth about Bitcoin security.


Bitcoin Has Never Been Hacked

The first thing that needs to be pointed out when it comes to the security of this cryptocurrency is that Bitcoin has never been hacked. All of the stories of stolen or hacked bitcoins are referring to online exchanges and wallets that are created as services outside of the Bitcoin blockchain. Saying that Bitcoin has been hacked because someone stole bitcoins from an online exchange is the equivalent of saying that the US Dollar has been hacked every time someone robs a bank. The problem with the security of bitcoins right now has more to do with user inexperience than the underlying Bitcoin protocol. The Bitcoin protocol is perhaps the most secure network in the world, but you still need to know how to properly store your bitcoins to keep them away from thieves.

Defeating the Best Hackers in the World

It's important to point out that many hackers have tried to go after the Bitcoin protocol. The problem with trying to hack Bitcoin is that it is completely open source. This means that anyone can look at the source code to see how it all works. Since anyone can view or contribute to the Bitcoin source code, there have been plenty of different chances for some of the best security experts in the world to find flaws in the code that could be exploited. Dan Kaminsky, a noted security researcher who has advised everyone from Cisco to Microsoft, tried to hack the Bitcoin protocol back in 2011. In 2012, Wences Casares hired two separate teams of world-renowned security experts to try to hack the Bitcoin protocol for more than half a year. Those teams of hackers also failed. We can never discount the idea that there could be a flaw in the Bitcoin protocol that the best hackers in the world have all missed, but we'd probably see the Federal Reserve get hacked before Bitcoin.

How to Safely Store Bitcoins?

At the end of the day, holders of bitcoins really just need to learn how to store their money in a proper manner. To be perfectly honest, you should never trust any online wallet or exchange with a large number of bitcoins The best option right now is cold storage, but that process is usually considered to be too much of a hassle for most users. Hardware bitcoin wallets are currently in the works, which should definitely help people separate their Bitcoin savings from the bitcoins that they use for day-to-day purchases.

Bitcoin is much more secure than certain reports in the media would have people believe, but there are still many improvements that need to be made. It really all starts with education and new innovations. While the security of bitcoins is still somewhat problematic, it's something that should be solved by new entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin space over the next few years.

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Huawei Improved Loading Time Of Smartphone Battery

Huawei has developed by its own account, a new technology that allows to boost smartphone battery within ten minutes at 50 percent of their capacity. Overall, batteries should be charged approximately ten times faster than is currently standard. 

huawei smartphone battery

The technology comes from the Huawei subsidiary Watt Lab. On the Battery Symposium in Japan they recently showed three different concepts. A 600 mAh battery for example reached within two minutes 68 percent of its capacity. Another current memory with 3000 mAh was charged after five minutes to 48 percent, which is rich with a Huawei smartphone for a talk time of ten hours.

The quick charging is made possible by the addition of heteroatoms to the molecules of the graphite anode of the battery. They serve as a catalyst for the reception and transit of lithium by the carbon deposits. The heteroatoms shorten loud Huawei charging time, without lowering the energy density or the battery life.

Currently Huawei subjects neither the battery technology nor extensive testing. They will be integrated into future products - but the company called no timeframe for the launch.

However, it is assumed that the technology component of Huawei's "superphone" is a concept that from 2020 in 2007 first with the iPhone and the first Android to finish equipment’s launched smart phone era. Equipment in this category will also support 5G networks and virtual reality and more performance than ever offer. The smart phone era will therefore take about as long as the era of feature phones, the Motorola have ushered 1995thQualcomm introduced recently released version 3.0 of its fast charge technology Quick Charge ago. A new intelligent charging algorithm to shorten the charging time compared to its predecessor by a further 38 percent. A battery can be recharged to 80 percent so within 35 minutes of 0th For the Quick Charge 3.0 is required in addition to a special charger and a Qualcomm processor, supports.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Office 2016 For Mac - These Are The New Features

Office 2016 for Mac offers several interesting innovations, especially for professionals. The new version works optimally with the cloud and the Windows version of Office 2016th

Microsoft not only Office 2016 for Windows available, but in parallel also the version for OS X. Thus, it is the first time for years finally a common version for both operating systems, which interact perfectly with each other and their documents are compatible with each other. Especially companies benefit if they use Macs parallel to Windows PCs. Because with the new version, users get also common features and the same operating options. The surface is almost identical, but differs in one capacity or another, for example when it comes to the new intelligent search or search in the ribbon. These functions remain the Windows version reserved.

Microsoft has finally made it into the new version that documents also are compatible between the different systems and the representation or calculations do not differ. So it does not matter whether a document with Office 2016, edited and read for Windows or Office 2016 for Mac. Alone this advantage already justifies the joint operation of Office 2016 in the enterprise. However, at present Publisher, and Access in the new version is only available on PCs. For OS X versions, however, are announced. Also Project is currently not yet available in the current version for Mac OS X. Microsoft has also OneDrive for Business currently not yet been completed, so that this client is missing. This also applies to Skype for Business. Here users have to rely on the outdated version of Lync 2011th.

 Installation Requirements

Compared to Office 2011 for Mac Office 2016 offers a complete retread and improved surface. However, the numerous innovations in Office 2016 for Windows are not available in the Mac version.

This enables users to install Office 2016 on your Mac, this at least with OS X 10:10 Yosemite has to be operated. In conjunction with El Capitan can currently come to stability problems. Microsoft has indeed already updates published that address these problems, they are not fully resolved, however. After you upgrade to 10.11.1 and installing newer patches but for Office 2016, the two products should better get along, but again, the Internet is full of questions about related issues between Office 2016 for Mac and Mac OS X 10.11 / 10:11 .1 .

Microsoft offers updates for Office programs. From Version 15.16.0 run this partly stable with OS X together, but there are still problems. Generally it is recommended to either currently rely on the combination of Mac OS X 10.10 and Office 2011/2016, or on Mac OS X 10.11 / 10.11.1 and Office 2011. The update of Office for Mac 2016 will be held from Microsoft AutoUpdate. Admins who want to update multiple Macs, but they can also be downloaded separately and thus update different Macs. Microsoft AutoUpdate is started automatically when users start an Office 2016 program for the first time.

In addition to the Mac versions, Microsoft also Office 2016 apps for smartphones and tablets, including iPad and iPhone. This allows the shared work simultaneously on multiple devices. However, the data in Microsoft cloud storage OneDrive must be saved, iCloud Drive is not supported as cloud storage. The surface of the iOS apps corresponds to the opportunities which also offer Office 2016 for Mac OS X on the whole.

Office 2016 As A Subscription With Office 365

Who refers Office 2016 an Office 365 subscription, already has an OneDrive cloud storage space with a capacity of one terabyte. In the best variant Office 2016 will cost 69 Euro private versions. That's cheaper than, for example, at Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud has to pay only for the storage of this magnitude. It is particularly favorable Office 365 for students and faculty. You pay 79 euros for four years and can be used in 2016 on two computers and tablets, as well as on two smartphones Office. Who wants to use Office 2016 with multiple Macs or PCs privately, accesses Office 365 Home for 99 Euro per year. This Office can be installed on five computers, tablets and smartphones. Who is not interested in cloud storage, Office 2016 can in the Home & Student version for 149 euros or the Business version for 279 euros to purchase.

For companies is the use of Office 2016 from 8.80 euros per user per month. Companies who wish to use only Office online, pay 4.20 euros per user per month.

New Outlook - Access To Exchange 2016 And Office 365

Most users should probably altered the surface that is especially useful if you also use Outlook 2016th The old version of Outlook 2011 was not very user-friendly. In the new version allows emails much better manage, as well as with Outlook 2016 in Windows.

Also, lets Outlook 2016 with Exchange optimally also the new version Exchange 2016 and Office 365, connect. This is where Outlook 2016 for Windows, however, on the new protocol MAPI HTTPS which is faster, more stable and safer than outdated HTTPS RPC version. The Protocol is only in conjunction with Exchange 2013 SP1 / 2016 and Office 365 available, and only if users are running Outlook 2016 for Windows. Companies that put still on older versions of Exchange, Outlook 2016 with RPC bind / HTTPS. A configuration is not necessary for this; Outlook 2016 automatically detects which protocol can best be used.

Outlook 2016 for Mac uses Exchange Web Services (EWS). For users, the connection does not differ, they can work with Outlook 2016 like in connecting via MAPI. The data to be synchronized and the parallel operation present no problems.

For Outlook 2016 works with Exchange and Office 365, the Auto Discovery function should be configured in the area. The new Outlook version is no longer supported in Windows manual configuration of Exchange accounts. On Mac computers, users can manually configure the Exchange server with the connection but still.

However, it should be ensured even when using OS X that Auto Discovery function optimally. Without the correct auto configuration also get Mac users messages that need to be confirmed and the mess. Is Auto Discovery optimally configured, the connection is working much better.

Many features such as enhanced search, or better Attaching Files has Microsoft Windows version of Outlook 2016 reserved. Nevertheless, Outlook's better to operate under OS X thanks to new surface. In the new version the archive mailbox is finally supported in Exchange and the performance in the data transfer between server and client. E-mails are delivered much faster when connecting to Office 365 and Exchange.

Also the accesses to categories including name and color have been incorporated. Generally fall at various points to improvements that improve the work with Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Exchange 2016 comes with the imported technology in Office 365 "clutter". This is an intelligent filter which detects unimportant emails in the mailbox and can display them in a separate folder. Unimportant emails are moved to the Clutter folder and thus can be read later.

In order to control the function in Office 365, users need to access the web interface of Office 365th The setting is on Mail and then on the gear icon at options with Email \ Automatic processing \ clutter to find.

Teamwork And Mixed Operation In Focus

The general functions in Office 2016 differ little from the previous version. Of course there are some new ideas, but most of the new features of this website in any case most users.

Those who are familiar with Office 2011, also comes quite quickly cope with Office 2016thMicrosoft also has some improved at various points that only noticeable with time. In the upper area there is in the Windows version of Office 2016 the new menu item "What do you want?". About this can be a search for commands start in the Ribbon to find features faster. For the daily work is optimal especially for Office 2016 beginners, or to find commands in the nested structure, which are normally not used so often. In Office 2016 for Mac, this feature is missing. Here users are required to manually check for operations in the ribbon.

Click Users in an Office program in Windows a phrase with the right mouse button, you can by selecting Intelligent Search Search for the term on the Internet. The result is then displayed on the right side of the Office program, a program change is not necessary. In Office 2016 for Mac, this feature is not included.

One of the most important new features in Office 2016 is the joint work on documents. Users can easily share documents with one click, and edit together with other users. That's also when operating with other users who use Office 2016 for Windows.

Microsoft has integrated the Enable function in the upper right area, let invite with the other users. The features and capabilities are broadly the features in Office 2016 for Windows; however, collaborating on documents is not as elegantly solved as in the Windows version. It lacks, for example, automatic updates of texts that have edited other users. Nevertheless, the parts in the new version can be much easier and easier to configure. In addition to the icon on the top right can be documents via the menu File \ Share with other parts. If the document is not stored in the cloud, users will receive a message.

But the joint editing of documents does not only between Office 2016 for Mac and Windows, but also with the free online apps from Microsoft Word as online. Once a shared document is opened via the link to the e-mail, the wizard also proposes to open with Word Online.

Useful integration of cloud storage is even if you have access, for example, from multiple devices and locations to document duck. Users can work on all your devices with their documents when they are stored in the cloud. This does not require access to the Finder or Explorer is necessary because the Office 2016 programs display the recently opened documents automatically in the program. The list of recently opened documents appears also in the mobile versions like the iPad version. This facilitates the work and users do not have to get used between the different systems. This is not true for the keyboard shortcuts. Because here there are significant differences, especially when it comes to formatting texts.

Use OneDrive Instead iCloud Drive For Teamwork
Documents can be annotated and better than in Office 2011. Also that facilitates joint work on documents. Based on the common data storage is OneDrive. The cloud storage is to integrate with Office 2016, also in the Mac version. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made the integration of iCloud Drive. That is, even if all users are working in a team with Mac OS must be set as a data base on OneDrive or OneDrive for Business in Office 365 to work together on documents.

Office 2016 is more closely tied to the cloud than previous versions. Of course, can continue to save data locally, but preferably Office 2016, the storage in the cloud, so users must be careful exactly where they store the data. Advantage in storage in the cloud, however, is that users can take on multiple computers access to the documents on their Windows computers and tablets. However, in Office 2016, the cloud is only optional, it can be bypassed completely.

Use the keyboard shortcut CMD + S can save a document, even if used in the first storing OneDrive. Pressing CMD + S, the documents are always synchronized with the cloud. However, coming to a halt in some Office program on slower Internet connections thoroughly, until all data is synchronized.

Especially large files, such as PowerPoint presentations should only be stored in the cloud, if the data connection is very fast. But even then OneDrive can depend on Mac computers something. For large files, cloud storage is therefore not ideal. It is better to save locally in this case, and then to load on demand documents in the cloud so they are accessible on other computers.

Better Use Excel

Microsoft has also improved Excel 2016th Formulas can be more efficiently create and draw on touch screens also. Microsoft has also integrated new charts, which play an important role especially in Big Data and Business Intelligence.

PowerPoint - Presenting Better

Users who hold presentations often get compared to the old Office 2011 version a much better surface. The service is efficient; transitions can be created more easily and more beautiful. In the preview for lecturers will always have a good overview of the current slide and the next steps. This improves visibility and makes presentations.


Office 2016 for Mac offers some interesting new features and improvements. Even if the name matches the Windows version, is missing in the Mac version, many new features and functions that bring real added value. Examples include the intelligent search system, search through the Ribbon, and new charts. However, it is expected that Microsoft continues to integrate future improvements. Users who have been set to Office 2011, get a much more modern interface, a faster and more stable office. The collaboration features are well resolved, but certainly still expandable.

In cooperation with the Windows version arises for users a unified user experience and the ability to exchange data between smartphone / tablet, PC and Mac. In many places, there are improvements that are not immediately obvious, but which greatly facilitate the work, for example, improved cooperation with categories.

Currently still problematic is the interaction of Office 2016 for Mac with OS X 10:11 El Capitan. Here tell very many users of crashes that bring even data loss. Even with the latest updates to Mac OS X 10.11.1 and 15.16.0 Office 2016 Build all Office programs are in our tests repeatedly crashed and could no longer be restarted. The uninstall and reinstall did not help in this case. If a Mac computer so already upgraded to Mac OS X 10.11.1, should be currently still refrained from Office to use 2016th.  

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Samsung Galaxy E7 VS iPhone 6 Plus: All Similarities And Differences

Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is ranked as the number one smartphone in the world right own. The tech giant Apple launched two of its biggest smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014. Both latest iPhones include a number of changes over its predecessors, including larger display, a faster processor, upgraded cameras and improved LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Samsung's latest smartphone from E series, Samsung Galaxy E7, was launched four months after the release of iPhone 6 Plus. Here we are comparing the specifications of Samsung Galaxy E7 with the core features of iPhone 6 Plus. Read on to know what is similar and what is different in these two handsets.

Galaxy E7 comes with a 5.5 inches Super AMOLED touchscreen capacitive with 16M colors. The resolution is 720x1280 pixels and the pixel density is 267ppi. iPhone 6 Plus also has a 5.5 inches display but it comes with a higher resolution that is 1080x1920 pixels and 401 pixels per inch. iPhone 6 Plus has an LED-backlit IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors.

When it comes to shape and design, both phones are very much similar. Both are sleek, but Galaxy E7 is lesser in weight. E7 is 7.3mm thick and weighs 141g whereas iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm thick and weighs 172g.

E7 is powered by 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53, Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 Quad Core processor and Adreno 306 of GPU. The processor supports 2 GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory that is expandable up to 128 GB vis a microSD card. iPhone 6 Plus is powered by 1.4 GHz Dual core processor and PowerVR GX6450 of GPU. iPhone's processor supports 1GB of RAM and 16/32/64/128 on-board memory. There is no microSD card slot for external memory. 

While E7 runs on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat operating system enhanced with Samsung's latest TouchWiz UI, iPhone 6 Plus runs on iOS 8.

When it comes to photos and selfies, Galaxy E7 gets an advantage because it has a 13 mega pixels auto-focus rear camera with LED flash, geo-tagging, Touch focus, face detection and panorama. iPhone 6 Plus has an 8 mega pixels auto-focus primary camera with dual flash. The other camera features include simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization, panorama and HDR. The secondary camera of Galaxy E7 is 5mp and iPhone 6 Plus has a 1.2mp camera. So, the selfie lovers may prefer E7 over iPhone 6 Plus.

The connectivity features include GPRS, Edge, 3G, Bluetooth v4.0, A2DP, Wi-Fi, microUSB v2.0, HTML. E7 has a non-removable Li-Ion 2950 mAh battery that has a maximum talk time up to 19 hours of continuous use. iPhone 6 Plus has a non-removable Li-Po 2915 mAh battery that has a maximum talk time up to 18 hours of continuous use.

Both E7 and 6 Plus support important apps like Facebook, Twitter, document viewer, calendar, voice recording and voice commands. iPhone also supports NFC (Near field communication), but E7 does not support this feature. While iPhone 6 Plus is available in space gray, white or silver, and gold color, E7 comes in black, blue and white colors.

Thoroughly Understand The Contents of Your Dissertation – Dissertation Writing Services UK

dissertation writing services
The first and foremost thing in dissertation writing is that the writer must have an in-depth and thorough understanding of the contents to be included in the dissertation. A lot of knowledge, research and profound understanding of the topic are required on the part of the students to successfully come up with this difficult and most important task of their academic life. Writing a dissertation without pre-planning and research can lead a student to an abysmal failure. The students must keep in mind that any grammatical, stylistic and linguistic error can leave a bad effect on their academic career as the tutor are always seeking the most original and authentic sources to be used in dissertations. Along with using the latest and most relevant sources, a personal point of view on the part of the student is also required by the tutors. 

Usually, the students are in the habit of following samples and guidelines provided by their peers and don’t try to use their own point of view and writing style. A written dissertation can well express the qualities and abilities of the students in the relevant field or subject. After selecting a suitable topic, the students must stuck to the point and don’t rely upon other’s thoughts and ideas. While writing a dissertation, the common mistakes that are often committed by the students are as follows:

  • They usually don’t know about the exact requirements of their institutions and just rely upon the ideas given by their tutors. 
  • They don’t give proper importance to their personal point of view rather mainly concentrate upon other’s ideas and thoughts. 
  • They mess up their dissertations with the data and sources available on the topic without understanding the true nature of their topic. 
  • Also, they commit a lot of grammatical and linguistic mistakes as English is the second language of a majority of the students 
Sometimes, they are unable to spare enough time and energy required to write a dissertation so have to face the problems of missing deadlines and dissertation rejection consequently. 

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Thoroughly Understand Your Topic:

The most important point to be kept in mind is that the students must have thorough understanding of the topic selected for writing a dissertation. Solid and reasonable ideas and information must be used in the dissertations so as to impress the readers and the tutors. Without messing up the papers with irrelevant information, the students must try their best to stick to the topic exactly. In this way, they can save their time and energies and also can impress their tutors about their understanding of the topic. Along with discussing existing literature on the topic, they should depict their own point of view and must provide some suggestions for further research in future on the topic. The best way to manage the contents is that each and every point discussed in the dissertation must be proved logically and reasonably.