Monday, 27 April 2015

Here Are The Reasons Why Google+ Failed!

Google gives up on pitching Google+ as a competitor of other social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The company announced that it’s changing up its strategy with Google+ that will become two separate pieces: Photos and Streams.

Tons of people use Google+ because logging into it gives user access to Gmail, Google Drive and many other Google apps, but they avoid using the social network facet of it.

Some insiders of Google interacted with a leading media group and told what happened to the network that was really important to Larry Page.

The main problem with Google+ is that the company tried too much to make it like Facebook, as told by a former Googler. The company was late to market and motivated from a competitive standpoint.

The source told that Google+ employees were sectioned off within Google to prevent gossip about the product from spreading and that was just a standard security measure taken.

Read on to know some other things that were disclosed by the former Google employees.

Google+ was designed to solve Google’s own problems rather than making it a social network to connect its users. Google+ connects you with all the Google products that was useful for company as they didn’t have to manage a ton of user profiles for its various apps. But it didn’t provide a social experience to users that they simply get from Facebook and LinkdeIn.

Google didn’t move into mobile fast enough with Google+. Google focused on high-resolution photos , which were great for desktop and Chrome book, but for mobiles it used to take for time on loading.

Google+ was a controversial product inside the company.

But it’s not surprising as Google is a large company with many employees and everyone has opinion on everything.

Vic Gundotra, who led Google+ and played a big role in creating it left the company a year ago. That was a big surprise for everyone as there was no succession plan.

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