Friday, 1 May 2015

Why Mark Zuckerberg Of Facebook Dumped Microsoft’s Skype?

Back in 2011, two of the major social networks, Facebook and Skype, were working together to make video calling possible in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at that time that Steve Ballmer (then-Microsoft CEO) and Zuckerberg were really aligned on this project.

Facebook today launched video calling in Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android and now there is no doubt that Facebook and Skype have broken up and Facebook was the one who dumped.

Facebook and Skype, who once shared friendly association, parted their ways in 2013 when the former introduced a voice calling option that used its own technology.

But the real rapture in these two companies was noticed a few months back when Facebook quietly stopped using Skype for video calls made from the desktop, replacing it with its in-house developed technology.

Skype-powered video calls required users to install a browser plug in, while the technology that Facebook developed in-house works without installing that plug in. And this is important for call performance, video quality and it also lets Facebook make changes and upgrade to video chat more quickly.

For user, that change was invisible, but for the partnership of Facebook and Skype it was officially the beginning of the end.

Another time when Facebook dumped Microsoft was when it unceremoniously stopped using Microsoft Bing to provide users the web search results on its social network.

Microsoft and Facebook have gone long way together. It was Microsoft who invested $240 million in Facebook that was an emerging social networking company at that time.

Now when Facebook is a tech giant, it doesn’t need on rely on others for technology such as voice calling and search. The in-house advanced technology gives Facebook more control.

However, Microsoft have not yet commented on its Skype deal with Facebook. However, the Skype community manager Claudius Henrichs made a post to the official Skype forum saying, “Facebook is making a number of changes to the way they connect their products with partners like Skype."

Henrichs mentioned that Facebook integration that will no longer work in Skype, saying that “We never like it when features have to go away like this.”        

Skype users will be able to use their Facebook account to find friends who have a Skype account, but it’ll not be in the same way as before.

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