Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Huawei Improved Loading Time Of Smartphone Battery

Huawei has developed by its own account, a new technology that allows to boost smartphone battery within ten minutes at 50 percent of their capacity. Overall, batteries should be charged approximately ten times faster than is currently standard. 

huawei smartphone battery

The technology comes from the Huawei subsidiary Watt Lab. On the Battery Symposium in Japan they recently showed three different concepts. A 600 mAh battery for example reached within two minutes 68 percent of its capacity. Another current memory with 3000 mAh was charged after five minutes to 48 percent, which is rich with a Huawei smartphone for a talk time of ten hours.

The quick charging is made possible by the addition of heteroatoms to the molecules of the graphite anode of the battery. They serve as a catalyst for the reception and transit of lithium by the carbon deposits. The heteroatoms shorten loud Huawei charging time, without lowering the energy density or the battery life.

Currently Huawei subjects neither the battery technology nor extensive testing. They will be integrated into future products - but the company called no timeframe for the launch.

However, it is assumed that the technology component of Huawei's "superphone" is a concept that from 2020 in 2007 first with the iPhone and the first Android to finish equipment’s launched smart phone era. Equipment in this category will also support 5G networks and virtual reality and more performance than ever offer. The smart phone era will therefore take about as long as the era of feature phones, the Motorola have ushered 1995thQualcomm introduced recently released version 3.0 of its fast charge technology Quick Charge ago. A new intelligent charging algorithm to shorten the charging time compared to its predecessor by a further 38 percent. A battery can be recharged to 80 percent so within 35 minutes of 0th For the Quick Charge 3.0 is required in addition to a special charger and a Qualcomm processor, supports.

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